We constructed a comprehensive geopolitical risk index, starting from six sub-indexes that we have analysed and constructed in detail. Find out more about the work of our Data Groups on this page.

The 6 sub-indexes capture:

Political Risk, Governmental Interventions, Globalization, Conflict and Unrest, Geographical Vulnerability, and Geoeconomic Dependency.

We refined our index by aggregating and weighting values in a logical manner, assigning each country a score from 0 to 10. A score of 0 indicates no geopolitical risk, while a score of 10 signifies the highest possible level of risk.

Furthermore, our final index includes only those countries for which all 6 Sub-Indexes were complete. This resulted in a total of 147 countries across 4 different continents being analyzed.

Table of Contents

Governmental interventions sub-index